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16 / 05 / 19

We cannot imagine our lives without the use of software. Without software, modern civilization would fall apart. Software quality really matters because software is so widely used and is so important. Software quality is different from product quality in the manufacturing sector. The goal of quality in manufacturing is minimizing defects, but software development projects require some innovation.

There is no one right way to think about software quality. There are a lot of definitions of software quality. According to the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB), software quality is the totality of functionality and features of a software product that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs.

To better understand software quality, it is useful to focus on three groups of people who develop software quality during and after this process: the software users, the development team, and the sponsors of project. Everyone involved in a software project cares most about the aspects of quality that most impact them.

Software quality includes three components: functional qualitystructural qualityand process quality.

Functional quality means that the software correctly performs the tasks it is meant to do for its users. The following are aspects of functional quality:

Meets the specified requirements for the software:

  • Has few defects
  • Performs well
  • Is easy to learn and use

Software testing commonly focuses on functional quality.

These are aspects of structural quality:

  • Code testability
  • Code maintainability
  • Code understandability
  • Code efficiency
  • Code security

These structural aspects have a big impact on how quickly new developers can start working with a code base. Unlike functional quality, structural quality can be hard to test for.

Process quality is also critically important. The aspects of process quality include:

  • Meeting the delivery dates
  • Meeting the budget
  • Having a repeatable development process that reliably delivers software quality

The quality of the development process greatly affects the way users and the development team see the value of the product.

Let’s take a moment to think about what software quality is for you.

On the one hand, quality software is software that meets your requirements; on the other hand, requirements will change during development process. Customer satisfaction should be a result of delivering a quality product despite changing conditions.

The software must meet appropriate standards and be delivered on time and within budget. It is equally important that the interface is beautiful and comfortable to use. The software must work reliably and accurately in its intended manner, and it must be supported and maintained.

In a word, software quality means how well software helps solve real business problems.

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